Park and Playspace

Our Approach

Our experience is that most clients prefer to spend less of their budget on documentation and more on construction.

At Park and Playspace we design organically whenever possible, which means leaving some room in our designs to make decisions on the go rather than over-documenting.

This allows everyone flexibility to resolve unanticipated issues, to seek additional feedback or take advice, and to take advantage of flashes of inspiration—the "wouldn't it be great if?" moments that only occur once one is standing knee-deep in a site actively digging it up.

In any case, our experience is that once construction starts, despite everyone's best efforts, unanticipated complications are almost guaranteed to derail even the best laid plans.

Our concept drawings are produced to scale and superimposed on good quality aerial photographs. This generally gives us an accuracy of +/- 1-2 metres, which in most cases is more than sufficient to locate paths, seats, garden beds, shade trees and playground equipment (including playground fallzones).

Where Park and Playspace have been engaged to project manage your project we can often proceed directly to construction from an approved concept drawing alone. This significantly saves on documentation costs and in our experience will always result in a better result.

We appreciate that allowing this level of flexibility may not suit all clients. Nor is it always possible, such as where a planning permit is required, where a site has significant crossfall, or where good quality aerial photographs are not available. In these cases our office is well equipped to provide the necessary detailed documentation.

How can we best meet your requirements?

  • ✔   Concept Design and Master Planning

  • ✔   Construction Documentation

  • ✔   Project Management

  • ✔   Design and Construct (in consortium with our recommended contractors)

  • ✔   Landscape and Playspace Construction (in consortium with our recommended contractors)

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